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FOX News
Dec 3, 2013 8:00am PST
or delayed environmental or labor laws or enacted controversial tax cuts outside of congress. jenna: what was the argue against the president overarching or alleged overarching on obamacare? >> we had simon lazareth on the stand today and he said the president delaying the employer mandate, he called that a routine, quote, course correction in implementing a new law and opponents of the law are, quote, hyper ventilating over a temporary delay. >> this and other subsequently announced delays related to the a.c.a. do not constitute refusals for the a.c.a. at all. they are merely phasing in adjustments designed to ensure effective implementation of the overall statute in accordance with the purposes. >> the ranking democrat finds it, quote, very interesting that republicans who strongly oppose obamacare are now so determined to make sure this law is followed and implemented on time. jenna: molly live in washington. thank you. jon: fox news alert now. we're waiting the start of a new push to change the tone on obamacare. the president is about to hold the first in a series of events today to
FOX News
Dec 4, 2013 8:00am PST
the great benefits of this law. jon: that is how i feel every year when i compile my taxes. i've spent so much of my life dedicating time to satisfy a government requirement. >> that is right. there are continuing problems with it, there will be back in problems getting to the insurer. and we have some evidence with the original expectation, everyday people that sign up for private insurance for coverage under the affordable care act, seven out of eight would get a subsidy. what we have is the evidence through the middle of november and is compiled by "the wall street journal", it would indicate that those who signed up for private insurance in the state exchanges, 23% got a subsidy. and those that signed up from the federal exchange got less than 30% of a subsidy. the vast majority of people are going on and finding that their deductibles or higher, premiums are higher, putting more out of their own pocket to get the health care they are talking about. soon all of that information that is getting dumped into your health care dog. we will be talking about this. "the new york times" is spe
FOX News
Dec 9, 2013 8:00am PST
they qualify for tax subsidies to lower costs. there are so-called back end problems the way customers get information to insurance companies may mean some people who think they are signing up won't actually be covered. earlier this morning on "fox & friends" former vice president dick cheney said the long list of issues with the law is evidence that the government should stay out of personal health care. take a listen. >> the idea that the government that can't bring us a website that will function effectively is now also going to deliver a better health care system, i just find ridiculous. if you can't design and run a website, what the heck are you doing messing with the health care system of the united states? jenna: peter doocy is live in washington with more on this story and has been looking at the website since it launched, peter. what can customers do today and see today they couldn't on launch day? >> reporter: jenna it is very easy to see your deductible and out-of-pocket costs right next to your potential premium and that information is available for the first time on one scree
FOX News
Dec 5, 2013 8:00am PST
, doug. >> we had tools that have been very successful. earned income tax credit is great track record moving people from non-work to work. it could be reformed. right now misses too many single men who don't have children. there are things we can do. this would be a bad idea. i think christian's point about, it sounds like a good idea is worthying hard about because take the fast-food workers. suppose we raise their wages to $15. that is going to show up in higher fast-food prices and by and large consumers of those goods are lower income americans. and seems like a strange antipoverty policy to take money out-of-pocket one poor person to put night the another. i admire the passion but doesn't add up. jenna: christian, it is interesting, one of the arguments against raising minimum wage some of these fast-food joints will turn to automation. we have some photos from a few decades ago from the auto mat. put a quarter in and get a meal and, you know one of the questions would we go back in that direction. what do you think doug has to say, we would be investing in the wrong place? it is
FOX News
Dec 6, 2013 8:00am PST
that. >> i'm grateful that the government promotes giving by giving tax breaks and things but of course there is incentive there. what is so beautiful about this and shocking is that, first of all they didn't have to do it. secondly these are anonymous, this tips for jesus is anonymous on one hand. secondly, they're not getting any breaks for it. there is no tax-exempt status when you're giving to a waiter or waitress. so i think it is beautiful. another thing i think is very interesting is that, in the time of christmas giving and new year's, sometimes we can do just what we feel good about ourselves but when you see this type of giving, you say, it is not just about me feeling good but for the sake of the other person. that takes it to whole new level. jenna: one wonders if the credit card companies accept signature, tips for jesus. >> maybe jesus will pay the bill too, right. jenna: "huffington post" described as a mission to show the world what christian generosity is supposed to look like s that true, christian generosity at work. >> the fact somebody out doesn't do it doesn't mean
FOX News
Dec 2, 2013 8:00am PST
websites run by private firms enjoying monopoly power. dealing with tax filing. bureaucrats will have easy access to sensitive personal data which obama administration political moles can use to target, harass and sometimes destroy critics and simply occupy millions hours of citizens time could be used more productively. what do you think about the way professor morici sees it there? >> i think he makes a lot of fair points. the administration always claimed was the only problem was the glitched website, once it is fixed everyone would be happy. americans in 36 states relying on, they haven't been able to go on there themselves and see how much are their rates going up? are they going to keep their doctor? millions and millions of americans who haven't been able to see that will find out this month and a lot will not like what they see. there is one study, more than half of people on the individual insurance market right now will not qualify for any subsidies whatsoever. factor in people whose subsidies will not make up for increase in cost, a majority of people will pay mor
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6